First Baptist Church East Greenwich, RI 401.884.2322

Due to the long COVID interruption, our website has grown a bit stale – we are in the process of updating the site.

Our Social Media Accounts CONTINUE to be very active and you can learn a LOT more about our church, church family, ministries and activities by (CLICKING) below:

First Baptist, East Greenwich (FACEBOOK)

First Baptist Church EG (INSTAGRAM)

First Baptist East Greenwich (YOUTUBE)

We continue to have in-person worship on Sundays at 9:30 AM, or to our Facebook Page to join us for our livestream service.

Masks in Church.

We continue to strongly recommend that everyone wear a mask regardless if you are vaccinated. Those who are fully vaccinated may remove their masks, but we ask that if you are not vaccinated that you wear a mask. Please use your best judgment.

You are invited to join us for our Christmas Eve Family Worship on Friday, December 24, 5:00 PM – in person or via our Facebook Feed